Welcome to Family Support Services (FSS)

We want to welcome you and your  family  and tell you about a special program that we have at the  Ronald McDonald House called Family Support Services or FSS for short.


FSS will be your host as you arrive and stay at our House.  Your family’s  health and well-being is our utmost  priority.  We are committed to making sure you feel welcomed, comfortable  and  emotionally supported.


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Our Family Services

Confidential Meetings

When a family stays at the Ronald McDonald House, they become part of a larger community. Welcome Meetings are scheduled for FSS members…


Fun Clubs are therapeutic, creative and engaging activities offered to children, families and parents.  The purposes of Fun Clubs include though…

Support Groups

This is when Ronald McDonald House family members get together to talk about similar  experiences that they are going through or have gone…


Workshops are psycho-educational groups offered to families who are residing at RMH or have stayed at RMH in the past. These workshops are…


One of our big goals at FSS is emphasizing community fun and shared experience. We are committed to still bringing you some of the fun and…